How to Sleep

Along with food, water and shelter, sleep is one of the essentials of life. When we feel rested, we have energy, we are better able to stay calm, and to work through cognitive and emotional challenges. When we don't get enough we feel impaired, slower, less focused, and less able to cope with demands, ambiguity and uncertainty. We may even feel withdrawn and isolated, less able to take part in social gatherings or to be present with our partners, children, family, friends and work colleagues.

Because of this, many of us face cling to ideas about sleep and rest that provoke anxiety. We consider that we should be like computers that switch off at night and reboot in the morning, and turn to pharmacological or natural sleeping aids at night, and caffeine and sugar during the day. We try to ‘rest’ in the over-stimulating maze of distractions offered by our electronic devices. We endlessly fight the natural rhythms of our sleeping and waking, and so exhaust ourselves. We have lost our understanding of the significance and benefits of night when we can finally shake off our social obligations and return to spend time with ourselfan expansive, un-anchored figure of infinite possibilities and rare and visionary insights. 

Honouring our need for the deeper benefits of rest is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. This enriching class draws on psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, psychotherapy, literature and art to  deepen your understanding of sleep to live a richer and more restful life.


Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone who feels anxious about sleep;
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to get the most out of sleep;
  • Anyone looking to learn more about dreams and the power of the unconscious, and to tap it;
  • Anyone looking to be more creative.


This workshop will help you to

  • Feel less anxious about sleep and daydreams;
  • Understand the rhythms of sleep and wakefulness;
  • Revise your ideas about insomnia;
  • Explore and create powerful sleeping and waking rituals;
  • Understand how you might solve problems whilst you sleep;
  • Explore ways you can use daydreams as a gateway to greater self-knowledge and creativity; 
  • Analyse your dreams.

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Image by Nelly Volkovich.