Alain de Botton examines our ideas of success and failure, and questions the assumptions underlying these two judgments. Is success always earned? Is failure? He makes an eloquent and witty case for ways to find true pleasure in our work.

Brene Brown studies human connection--our ability to empathize, belong and love. In a poignant, funny talk, she shares a deep insight from her research, that those who experience love and belonging in their lives feel worthy of love and belonging. 

Our world prizes extroverts, but Susan Cain makes the case for the superpower of introversion.

The Creative Brain: How Insight Works. A brilliantly entertaining and informative BBC Horizon documentary follows scientists studying the mental processes involved in creativity.

Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi asks, "What makes a life worth living?" Noting that money cannot make us happy, he looks to those who find pleasure and lasting satisfaction in activities that bring about a state of "flow".

Ken Robinson believes that everyone is born with extraordinary creative capability and finding purpose is essential to knowing who we really are.

Nobel laureate and founder of behavioural economics Daniel Kahneman reveals how our "experiencing selves" and our "remembering selves" perceive happiness differently. This new insight has profound implications for economics, public policy and our own self-awareness.

Career analyst Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that social scientists know but most managers don't: traditional rewards aren't always as effective as we think. Listen for illuminating stories--and maybe a way forward.

What motivates us to work? Contrary to conventional wisdom, it isn't just money. But it's not exactly joy either. It seems that most of us thrive by making constant progress and feeling a sense of purpose. Behavioural economist Dan Ariely presents two eye-opening experiments that reveal our unexpected and nuanced attitudes towards meaning in our work.