"Fiona's facilitation style is inviting and masterful, thoughtful and responsive, with an eye and ear to the intangibles of time, space and 'tone'. She creates an environment in which people feel safe and supported enough to explore and challenge the boundary zones at the limit of their current capabilities and capacities.”

- Sharon Marshall, coach and facilitator

“I loved the venue, the focus on the body as well as the mind (even though that sometimes took me out of my comfort zone) and just to spend time thinking and discussing leadership - something we as leaders so rarely do. I liked the 4 energies approach: easy to apply and to share with others.”

- Jim Fielder, Program Lead

“I attended the Authentic Leadership seminar lead by Fiona Buckland, and I loved it! Fiona is a great leader, facilitating a safe and nurturing atmosphere that helps the teaching sink in and for real growth to happen. For a young woman leader such as myself, she is an inspiring and empowering individual, who has changed my life both as a leader and as a person. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Fiona, and I recommend others to take her course and to learn from her insights, experience and being.”

- Rhea Klansek, global artist, illustrator and comic book creator

"Fiona is a fantastic speaker and really makes sure that you are engaged and that the tactics and approaches she shares are realistic and tailored to us."

"Fiona provided a really great combination of small things we can implement immediately as well as longer term approaches too."

"I am not sure I could fault the session. It exceeded my expectations and I have been using many of the tips she provided since the session as well."

- participants of well-being workshops at Mindshare

“Fiona and her collaborators were all in a perfect symbiosis, which made me feel safe.”

-Monika, coach

“The openness and vulnerability of the group surprised me. The workshop really opened my mind.”

-Michelle Lacey, business owner

“Fiona was confident, knowledgeable, open to new ideas and engaging. She modelled the content of her course and created a very positive atmosphere.”

-Guardian Masterclass participant

"I have had an amazing experience being coached by Fiona. My life has fundamentally changed as a result of the discoveries I made about myself during our sessions. These sessions got me out of my head, and gave me the space and direction to have an honest conversation with myself about the person I am and the person I want to be. For anyone who wants to explore themselves and the ways in which they could live a more meaningful life, I could not recommend Fiona more."

- Sam Black, social entrepreneur

"Fiona has an incredibly powerful presence - the kind of presence that whenever you are with her you just know something special is going to happen. When being coached by her, I felt genuinely heard. She was able to pick up on cues I had no idea I was giving, and as a result, I have been able to see fresh perspectives on situations I have felt stuck on for a very long time and the confidence to take action. She is a truly wonderful coach and I highly recommend her."

- Alice, entrepreneur

"Fiona has a real talent for getting right to the heart of what's going on. I gained clarity on my values and what my sticking points have been, which has given me confidence and energy to start moving forward. I'm really excited to be working with her on an ongoing basis."

- Janet, marketing manager

“I feel now I am more assertive as a person. I am finally asking for things, which I wasn’t able to do before. I feel more confident - this newly-found sense of confidence coming from the awareness I now have of what I truly stand for as a person. Identifying my values in life was key and Fiona helped a lot in this process. I now know I can be an authentic leader by simply being me.”

- Paola, luxury brand leadership team

"Fiona is an amazing coach. She has clarity and focuses on what is important. She directs the sessions very clearly and is very compassionate. After my session with Fiona I felt clear about decisions and happy to make them. I would highly recommend her."

- Cara, entrepreneur

"Fiona is a brilliant coach who sees the issues at hand with an eagle-like precision which helped me to unpack conflicting and fragmented goals into a coherent and well-prioritised plan. I also felt really seen and incredibly affirmed as she helped me reframe some of my negative self-talk which had been affecting my forward motion and see aspects of myself in a much more positive light."

- Leora, artist

“I began working with Fiona when I found myself at a difficult point in my professional life where I felt stuck and needed help to move forward. Fiona was an incredibly supportive and encouraging coach who helped me clarify my priorities and progress in a way I would have otherwise struggled to on my own.  As a result of our work together, I have a far better understanding of myself, made some big changes and ....no regrets......also have the tools I need to take time out.”

- Senior manager, Google

"From the first time Fiona coached me, I felt so safe.  I was able to open up so freely and found myself communicating with her my insecurities and fears without fear of judgement. Fiona's crowning glory is her ability to hear and sense what is unsaid. She is not only acoach but a champion and an ally. I recommend her unreservedly."

- Maurina, legal practice manager