How Can I Live a Life with Purpose?

Creating and living by your life purpose is an ongoing process of excavation and self-discovery. Knowing your life purpose is like having a tuning fork to help you remember who you are and the difference you make in the world. Being "on purpose" has a resonance to it: it is a strong chord that reverberates. Being "off purpose" is discord and dissonance.

Life purpose is more than vocation. The career people choose can be an expression of our life purpose, but we are more than just our work. Without it, we can get lost in a blizzard of competing demands and bewildering choices, not to mention today's volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment, and react to challenges, rather than steering our own ship through them. We can lose our way, our sense of who we are and why we are doing what we are doing. Life purpose is like a rope that keeps you connected and moving forward.

Having a life purpose is essential to leadership, to being authentic and to making wiser decisions. Knowing and articulating your life purpose provides a deep well of energy to draw upon-a reservoir of vitality much deeper than just finding meaning in your work. It bids us to ask "why am I doing what I am doing?" How is this going to enable me to deliver my life's purpose?"

This powerful and life-changing workshop aims to get you in touch with the impact you will have when you are on purpose. Life purpose is not something you aspire to or learn how to have, it is inside you already. This workshop helps you to clarify what it is. You'll be guided on an inner journey to reveal your own life purpose, to craft it into a powerful statement that you can take forward with you in your life and to plan your own next steps to applying it in your life in important decisions you need to make.


Who is is this workshop for?

  • Anyone who wants to develop a greater sense of purpose in their lives;
  • Anyone who feel lost or who feels confused and/or overwhelmed by decisions and change;
  • anyone who wants to have more direction in their lives;
  • Anyone who is in a leadership role-whether at work, community, family, or other areas of life, or who aspires to step up into such a role;
  • Anyone who wants/needs to inspire others to develop their own life purpose.

This workshop will help you to

  • Understand their life purpose, and be able to articulate it to themselves and others;
  • Feel more confident about their ability to direct their lives and their organisation or business;
  • Feel more energised;
  • Have a life purpose to apply to different types of situations requiring clarity, courage and resilience;
  • Understand the resources you already have and which you might need to develop to achieve their life purpose;
  • Have an intention for taking their next step.

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