How Can I Motivate Myself and Others?

Motivation is the difference between waking up excited about the day ahead and dragging yourself out of bed with the heavy heart. It is key to unleashing human potential and realizing humankind's greatest achievements. But according to recent surveys, only 16% of people are actively engaged in their working lives. The vast majority are just turning up and coasting to pay the bills. Organisations such as the Royal Society have identified worker disengagement as the biggest problem our economy faces. Part of the problem is that we simply don't spend enough time and energy considering what really motivates us and our teams. Worse, there is an assumption that money is the only real incentive, closely followed by the threat of redundancy. But actually, there is a huge amount of evidence that rather than truly incentivising great performance, these erode engagement even more, resulting in poor outcomes and low morale. Yet mechanized carrot-and-stick approaches persist, even when in our 21st century workplace we require creativity and flexibility, and research shows us that this approach actually narrows our focus and produces worse results.

So what does help? In this energizing class, we'll consider and practice some of the key drivers to motivation. 

We'll explore the roles of

  • The differences between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation and why it matters;
  • Core values, how they energise us, and how they may crucially differ from strengths and core competencies;
  • Purpose and meaning. 


Who is is this workshop for?

  • Anyone who needs to motivate themselves and others;
  • Anyone who wants to be clearer on why they do what they do and to communicate it to others;
  • Anyone looking to live and work more authentically using values, purpose and meaning.


This workshop will help you to

  • Motivate yourself and others;
  • Increase your own and others' productivity;
  • Create more energy in your life and organisation.


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Image by Nelly Volkovich.




Image by Morgan Sessions