Leadership requires harnessing the power of your head, heart and gut with fierce courage to unleash not only your own potential, but the potential of others. It's not only restricted to the boardroom, but encompasses every part of our lives. It's about how you show up in any environment and the impact you make. Stepping into your own power challenges and energizes. It creates the difference between reacting to events, and placing your hands on the wheel, pointing your ship where you want it to go, trusting yourself that you can weather the oncoming storms, and inspiring the trust and confidence of others to come with youIt's a commitment to yourself and to others that demands emotional awareness and personal growth. It's a lifelong voyage of learning that inspires commitment and gets results. 

Who is this for?

  • Leaders in their organisation or place of work, or in their community, family or relationships;
  • Someone transitioning into a leadership role;
  • Aspiring leaders, either in terms of a career path, or simply wishing to step up and take more responsibility for their actions and effects on others.

This workshop will help you to

  • Focus on optimizing your leadership style;
  • Consider how to better understand and shape your impact on others;
  • Discover how to prevent burnout and optimize your performance.

The timings of all workshops, classes and talks can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation or gathering. Please contact me here or email fiona@fionabucklandcoaching.com.


Image by Jamie King.