One day you may ask yourself a question: "Is this it?" You may be highly successful, and yet find yourself yearning for something more out of life. At that point, you may choose to carry on the way you've been going, or you might decide to take a different approach, one that combines self-reflection with forward action, deeper understanding with powerful ways to create your path.

I am a professional Co-Active life coach, facilitator and writer who works with people who want to unleash their full potential. I do this in three ways:

  • coaching individuals who are looking to take their next big step in personal and professional growth,
  • delivering individual and group coaching in businesses and organisations,
  • and facilitating inspiring, interactive workshops, classes and talks, either from an expanding off-the-shelf list, or crafted to the bespoke needs of your organisation or gathering.

I am on the faculty of The School of Life, as well as in-house leadership expert at Soho Works and Shoreditch House. I'm delighted to count world-leading tech and creative companies, arts and philanthropic organisations, academic institutions and brands among my corporate clients, as well as hubs for learning and play such as Guardian Masterclasses and the Idler Academy

My individual clients hail from many walks of life, and all share the sense that they have something more to contribute.  My work flows from my passion to engage people in ways they can achieve just that, in the process living richer, more fulfilled lives. 

Please contact me for any enquiries or for a personal consultation. Keep checking back for updates and for more upcoming events.