Leadership is about showing up and stepping up, whether you want to take leadership of your own life, aspire to a leadership role in your organisation or community, lead your own projects or business, or seek to make political, social or cultural change. I work with people like you - both individuals and groups - and support them in stepping up and fulfilling their whole potential through leadership with an approach that combines deep self-reflection with impactful, courageous, purposeful action. I help you find yourself as a leader by supporting your growth so that you can have a bigger, more positive impact in the world.

As a professional coach, who brings range, expertise, experience, whole-heartedness, kindness and courage to my own work, I do this in several standalone or integrated and cohesive ways:

  • executive and private coaching for individuals who are taking their next big step and/or who are looking to perform at their best;

  • offering a signature corporate or organizational programme in Leadership Development combined with coaching.

I'm delighted to count world-leading tech and creative companies, world-shaping corporations, arts and philanthropic organisations, academic institutions and brands among my clients, as well as hubs for work, learning and play. 

I am on the faculty of The School of Life and also lead several Guardian Masterclasses. I am also a guest lecturer in Coaching at Birkbeck University of London.

Please contact me for any enquiries or for a personal consultation. 

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